"The promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off.... for all whom the Lord our God will call" - Acts 2:39

About the Promise Project

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Over the past four years, our ministry to children and young families has grown consistently and now we are out of space.  FCC Kids is averaging between 50-60 children every Sunday morning and 10-15 adult volunteers.  This new project should give us plenty of space to grow and build upon our exciting FCC Kids Ministry. 

This new facility will be divided into two floors.  The top floor will be all about our FCC Kids, 5th grade and under, giving them lots of space to worship, learn and have fun!  There will be an indoor playground area built, an informal theater, classrooms and new kids bathrooms. 

The bottom floor will be primarily for teens and adults.  The new 1831 Theatre will be a great versatile space that can be used for our student ministry, special events, bible studies, and overflow seating.  The bottom floor will also be used for our new church offices. 

The Promise Project is something we hope will have a huge positive effect on our community, as we grow towards a better future.


If you are interested in giving to the Promise Project, please contact our church office.