Connect Groups

Connect groups are the perfect way to build relationships with others who are a part of FCC.  These groups meet in different people's homes for about 5 weeks at a time, and happen around 3 times a year.  Groups usually meet on Sunday nights or whenever is best for each particular group.  The time is spent together going through a specific study, all groups doing the same study, and people just enjoying each other’s company.

Stop by Connection Point in the church lobby for more information and be connected with a group!


Introducing Core Groups

Over the past several months there has been discussion and prayerful consideration about First Christian Church’s Sunday School program. We are blessed with great teachers and good participation, but there is room for more. With that being said, we are renaming Sunday School to what is now called CORE GROUPS.

What is a Core Group?

A Core Group is similar to Sunday School which offers rich Bible based teaching, but will also work to incorporate more relationship building. The Core Group will provide opportunities to meet periodically as well as serve together.

Where will the Core Groups meet?

If you are currently part of a Sunday School class that will be your Core Group moving forward. You will meet in the same location at 10:00 on Sunday mornings. If you are not part of a group or would like to change groups we can help you.

What’s the purpose for FCC’s Core Groups?

As the Lord’s church continues to grow it’s very important to be intentional about staying connected. Zig Ziglar said, “People are attracted to a Church because of excitement and stay because of love.” At FCC we strive to be a John 13:35 church which is a group of believers known for their love for one another. In order to love one another it helps to know God and each other better and that’s the reason for our Core Groups.


Volunteer Core Group (Ladies)

Studying: Colossians, then Letters to Corinthians

Location: Classroom to the left of the sanctuary

Group Leader: Marilyn Barnes

Big Brothers Core Group (Men’s)

Studying: 2 Corinthians

Location: Fellowship Hall Downstairs

Group Leader: Tom Chesney

Fellowship Core Group (Older Adult)

Studying: Faith and Action, Studies from Acts, James and Daniel

Location: Classroom to the right of the sanctuary

Group Leader: Jay Jones

Young Adult Core Group (Young Adult)

Studying: Gratitude, Contentment, Trust and Humility “Less in the Land of More”

Location: Balcony

Group Leader: Sam Brown

Primetime Core Group (Adult)

Studying: In-Depth Bible Study

Location: Downstairs (turn left at the stairs)

Group Leader: David Mayer

Young Adult Core Group (College Age, Twenty-Something)

Studying: Devoted by Aaron Chambers

Location: Upstairs balcony classroom

Group Leaders: Erica Caudill & David Phillips

Junior High Core Group (6- 8 Grade)

Studying: Applying God’s Word to Young Teen Issues

Location: Balcony far left

Group Leaders: Van & Jane Phillips

Senior High Core Group (9- 12Grade)

Studying: Jesus is _______. Discovering who He is, changes who you are.

Location: Basement off kitchen right

Group Leaders: Cody Caudill & Wayne Ryan